Pippa Middleton completed a 'bridal body boot camp' in advance of her wedding

That's right, everyone, the time is near—the week we have all been waiting for is upon us: Pippa Middleton is set to marry James Matthews this weekend in London. (It's still not too late to book your ticket now to London—yeah, you won't be able to attend the wedding itself, but you can still sort of camp out nearby and listen for sounds.)

There are no doubt scores of spreadsheets and multiple binders dedicated to making sure everything goes smoothly for Kate's sister's nuptials, and most of the plans remain under wraps. And there is a great number of questions about the wedding itself, including what Pippa will be wearing, and what Kate's exact role will be, and whether or not we will be gifted with a shot of Meghan Markle and Prince George shaking hands. But what we do know, per a new E! report, is how Pippa, reportedly, has been preparing for the wedding.

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The outlet claims that Pippa has completed a "strict bridal body boot camp," a three-month program run out of Grace Belgravia health club. The program, in its description, doesn't sound too different from a (intensive) gym membership that you might read about a famous person partaking in; the components include "a personal trainer, skincare and leg toning treatments, plus yoga, pilates, spinning, cardio training, dance and meditation classes" and "the club also offers to arrange home deliveries of specialized healthy meals."

Oh, wait, there's also this, which sounds positively Paltrow-ian: "The club also has a team of doctors and specialists who can help with anti-aging treatments including botox, peels, fillers, microdermabrasion and an assortment of laser treatments, as well as IV therapies." E! notes, of course, that it is "unclear if Pippa has undergone such procedures."

Their source claims that Pippa has "met with her PT about five times a week and mostly sticks to cardio and pilates." Per the source: "She feels amazing. Her diet is the healthiest ever—she hasn't even had a glass of wine in months. She's had facial treatments sometimes once a week or once a fortnight."

This truly is an impressive feat, as, just over the course of writing this post, we have finished off two glasses of wine and did not complete a single facial treatment.

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