Planner company slammed for body-shaming messages on their diaries

Warning: those struggling with eating disorders may find the language used upsetting.

UK planner company Fox & Moon is under fire for the messages inside their food diaries and diet planners.

Plus-sized fashion influencer, Lottie Lamour, first criticized the diaries on social media:

The company displays photos of their planners -- and their disturbing language -- on their Instagram account:

Lamour spoke to Metro about the hurtful words. "They are running the risk of seriously damaging the health of those with eating disorders by using this kind of shaming language," she said.

"Fox and Moon are currently making profit from bullying women into thinking that they need to be thin to succeed, be beautiful and be desirable," she continued.

Fox and Moon responded to Lamour's public outcry by private messaging her:

Credit: Instagram/Metro

Fox and Moon insisted they are not bullies. "I think you should be ashamed of yourself for being so mean about something you know nothing about," the message read.