Parents build backyard bar to enjoy while their baby sleeps

Having a baby changes everything. Basically, a person who cannot even speak is able to dictate every aspect of your life.

One couple in the UK decided that they were going to keep their social life alive and their solution was bringing a bar to their backyard.

Eva and Phil Avery have created a grown-up space in the backyard with very few purchased items. Almost everything in the bar is mostly recycled goods, labels from old spirit and beer bottles, old lamps and donated mirrors.

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They did, however, buy a pump because a backyard bar needs beer on tap to be taken seriously.

The bar in their yard allowed them to put Millie to sleep and simply carry a baby monitor to their own bar to have a little grown-up time.

Now that daughter Millie is older, she enjoys going out to the bar as well. Obviously, she steers clear of the adult beverages.

Imagine the party when she turns 21!