Survey says only 4 percent of mothers actually want breakfast in bed this Mother's Day

If you have a grocery list ready for Mother's Day, you may want to scrap it and make a reservation instead -- unless, of course, your mom is one of the 4 percent of mothers who actually want breakfast in bed on Sunday. That's right, only 4 percent!

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According to a recent Zagat survey, over half of moms -- 53 percent, to be exact -- want to be taken out by family for Mother's Day celebrations, and they essentially "loathe" being served breakfast in bed (we suspect "loathe" is a bit of an exaggeration, but good to know nonetheless). What's more is that brunch is unsurprisingly the preferred meal, according to 39 percent of moms surveyed.

As for meal preferences, 43 percent of moms favor Eggs Benedict, 35 percent favor omelets and only 19 percent want avocado toast (moms, they're not just like us, I guess). If your mom is an indecisive eater, check out the video above for what may be the perfect spot for her (if you're in NYC, of course). As for celebratory cocktails, 65 percent of moms only have one to two -- and most prefer a Mimosa to a Bloody Mary.

Do you need some reservation inspiration? Perhaps taking a peek at the world's best restaurants will help:

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