Save lives by leaving behind the soap at your hotel

You are most likely one of those people that before checking out of a hotel takes all the cute little toiletries the hotel offers you.

It's time to control your inner Ross Geller for a good cause. After all, you probably have all the freebies piled somewhere you're not even using.

The organization Clean the World is fighting hygiene-related illnesses by distributing more than 30 million recycled hotel soap bars to children and families in developing nations.

Clean the World works with over 4,000 hotel partners in the U.S. and Asia.

Soap bars make their ways to areas in need, particularly South East Asia and India.

The organization also works with homeless shelters. They accept donations of discarded shampoos, conditioners and lotions in order to put together hygiene kits to be sent off to places dealing with natural disasters.

Small scale donations of soap aren't accepted, but just by leaving your soap at the hotel you'll be helping big time!