College student kicked out of gym for crop top -- and her story is going viral


It seems like every day, there's another clothing controversy that spreads around like wildfire. Remember this JetBlue passenger who was forced to change after crews decided her shorts were too short? And just recently, these young girls were banned from boarding their United flight because they were wearing leggings. There are tons of incidents like these happening every day.

Unfortunately, it's an ongoing issue, as evidenced by a recent incident at The College of Charleston. 19-year-old Sarah Villafañe was working out at her campus gym when a staff member approached her, asking her to put on a shirt.

The sophomore frequents this gym, where she's never had a problem with the dress code. On this day, however, she was wearing leggings and a crop top. Villafañe responded that she was already wearing a shirt, but that didn't suffice for the employee. "You need full coverage," they said.

She shared the incident to Facebook, where it's since gone viral.

After her story went viral, Villafañe edited her post to include the response she received from the gym. The gym maintains they kicked her out for "sanitary" reasons. Villafañe maintains there seems to be a "gender double standard".

Some commenters agree with this double standard. "I cannot see anything wrong with your outfit too. It's made for the gym. Just wear what you want and don't go to that place no more," one person responded.

Others, however, criticized the teen's outfit choice. Another commented, "Did you check what OTHERS were wearing to that gym, or did you simply decide that "today was the day" that you decided to go put on a show and cause problems? You can bet that if some guy showed up in a speedo that he would have been asked to leave too."

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