Dolce & Gabbana under fire for selling shoes printed with 'Thin & Gorgeous'

Luxury Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana is under fire once again. A few days ago, one-half of the talented duo Stefano Gabbana shared a photo of a shoe that's since caused an uproar on social media.

The original illustration was shared by Japanese illustrator Jumpei Kawamura on Instagram, but the $973 embellished leather shoe is part of Dolce & Gabbana's Fall/Winter collection.

"I'm thin & gorgeous" is clearly printed in big blue lettering, created to "reflect millennial style". While the rest of the shoe is decorated with cute slogans, colorful hearts and music notes, this one seems to have missed the mark.

Social media agreed.

Credit: Instagram/StefanoGabbana

Critics called the shoe 'offensive'. Gabbana responded to his commenters with some harsh words.

Credit: Instagram/StefanoGabbana

This comes months after the designer publicly body shamed Lady Gaga after her Superbowl halftime show.

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Lady Gaga fat-shamed after Super Bowl performance
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Lady Gaga fat-shamed after Super Bowl performance
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Picture of lady Gaga's stomach
#ladygaga #GagaBowl #fat she looked like a #sumowrestler in the diapers she wore last night. Bad call but her performance was excellent
All of #LadyGaga 's female dancers were fat. Pretty sure it's to make her look thinner! #Can'tHideFat
.@life_uncensored Lady Gaga so chubby. #WomensMarch #SuperBowl #SuperBowlSunday #SuperBowl2017 #Football…
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#LadyGaga #Superbowl oh no, lady Gaga had a tiny belly...there go fat shamers on twitter. 😩 #shesperfect
Anyone who says @ladygaga is pudgy/fat/etc. bc of her belly during Halftime is delusional & diseased. I will pray for your souls. #ladygaga
@mass_mont I heard #ladygaga thighs were looking a bit fat and she had a belly pouch
I can't believe I'm reading tweets that #ladygaga had belly fat? People are brutal and stupid. I thought she looked great. #PepsiHalftime

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