New ranking finds US cities home to the most handsome men


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. But in some cities, there is just more beauty to behold. And we are not talking about groomed parks or timeless architecture.

A new survey has revealed where the most handsome men in the United States live.

Grooming Lounge, the nation's premier resource for men's grooming products and advice, found that when it comes to dapper men, the West Coast dominates. Seattle took the No. 1 spot followed by San Francisco and Portland. Other major metropolitans fared less well, with New York at spot 12, Chicago in 13, and Los Angeles in the lowly 19th rank.

While attractiveness may be subjective, Grooming Lounge used several methods to measure the men in each city's commitment to appearance. It's criteria included amount spent on personal care services per man, spent on personal care products per man, spent on shaving needs per man, spent on apparel per man and the fittest cities in the nation.

Men in Seattle were found to spend the most annually -- approximately $682 -- on personal care items and services. Meanwhile, D.C. is home to the fittest guys in the country.

So if your idea of a handsome man is a rugged L.L. Bean lumberjack rub-some-dirt-in-it dude, then disregard. But if you are in the market for a clean-shaven James Bond type, then let these survey results serve as the North Star for your next road trip.