Elmhurst leads plant-based revolution with delicious line of nut milks

Elmhurst has been a familiar name in dairy for over 90 years. After being the number one dairy milk supplier on the East Coast for decades, CEO Henry Schwartz -- son of co-founder Max Schwartz -- decided to close Elmhurst Dairy. Now, they're leading the plant-based revolution of milk with Elmhurst Milked.

"After 92 years in business, it was time to embrace a new model and look towards to the future," said Schwartz.

This is where the inspiration for vegan milk was born. "My father was ahead of his time and I want to continue that legacy -- to lead the plant-based revolution, and create clean label products that are just as delicious and nutritionally robust as dairy milk."

The result? A line of four nut-based milk varieties: almond, cashew, walnut and hazelnut. Not only are there no artificial additives, but they are made with up to four times as many nuts as other brands' plant-based milk. That means it's more delicious and better for you.

Check out the different Elmhurst plant-based milks

The national rollout of Elmhurst Milked is in the next two weeks -- and AOL.com editors were lucky enough to try them.

"I'm always looking to try new non-dairy milk," said AOL.com editor Kelsey Weekman, "and most of the time they are honestly offensive." Elmhurst Milked, though, was distinctively different. "I never thought I'd say this, but I am now desperate to get my hands on more milked walnuts," said Weekman, a testament to how concentrated and delicious the walnut milk tasted.

AOL.com editor Anna Iovine agreed. "I've tried a lot of plant-based milk, and this is on a different level than other brands."

There are endless possibilities with these; utilizing them in cooking and baking is just the beginning. "The hazelnut milk would make an amazing hot chocolate," said AOL.com editor Alex Lasker. "I was a staunch dairy girl, but these are changing my tune."

Look for Elmhurst Milked near you soon, and check out their website to purchase online.