15 food bloggers share their go-to spring recipes

The Spring Food Awards will highlight some of the hottest kitchen products and gadgets that your kitchen needs this season! From juicers and blenders to griddles and grills, we will help you find the items that will take your cooking to the next level.

While we would love to test out each of these amazing products ourselves, we have enlisted the help of some of our Lifestyle Collective bloggers to lend their knowledge and expertise! They have their hands full reviewing 60 buzz-worthy products that are currently on the market.

However, before we share the products that have been nominated for the Food Awards, let us introduce the bloggers that will be testing and reviewing each item. Plus, get to know their taste and unique culinary flair by reading up on their signature spring dishes!

Check out each of our judges' signature spring recipes in the below slideshow!

Check out the Spring Food Awards page over the next few weeks for product reviews and rankings!