Having eggs for breakfast may help you shed those extra pounds

If you are looking to lose some extra pounds, there's one thing you could be eating that's helping dieters lose them -- eggs.

Start things right with the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

The International Journal of Obesity says eating two eggs for breakfast will help overweight adults lose more weight and feel more energetic.

Eggs are packed with proteins which means you'll be feeling fuller and more satisfied after eating them. You'll be less likely to eat later whatever you can get your hands on.

Men who had two eggs for breakfast as part of a reduced-calorie plan, lost 65% more weight and had more energy compared to those who had a bagel in the morning.

Make sure to eat the entire egg because nutritionists are urging people to stop the egg white craze and start eating their yolks. They can also help with weight loss, make cells function properly, and be a solid source of vitamin B12.

It's all about the eggs people so eat up!

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