Watch how to make a breakfast sandwich in 60 seconds

All you need is 60 seconds to get a homemade egg and cheese breakfast sandwich that you can easily grab-and-go.

Watch the video above from Dinner Reinvented for step-by-step directions and see below for the full recipe!

60-Second Cheesy Breakfast Sandwich

2 eggs
2 pieces of toast
1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
couple pats of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
Special tools: omelet pan

1. Place your bread in the toaster.
2. Meanwhile, place a small omelet pan on the stove, set to medium high heat. Scramble your eggs in a bowl, then add a pat of butter to your pan.
3. Add the eggs and swirl around the pan, pulling up the edges of the eggs and letting the eggs pool in the empty spaces.
4. Once set, flip the eggs, add cheddar, salt and pepper.
5. Fold over one side of the omelet, turn off the heat and place between the toast.
6. Wrap in foil for easy transport.

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