Zara pulled a skirt from their website for 'Pepe the Frog' detail

After backlash on social media, retailer Zara has pulled one particular skirt from sale.

It came to public attention after Twitter user @meaganrosae shared her distaste on the site:

"Zara is really out there trying to sell a Pepe the frog skirt, apparently unaware (?) of its current implications," Meagan wrote.

What she's referring to is Pepe the Frog, which became a popular hate symbol of the alt-right throughout the 2016 election.

Soon after, more criticism for the skirt flourished:

Reactions to Zara's 'Pepe' skirt
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Reactions to Zara's 'Pepe' skirt
@ZARA Seriously? Pepe the Frog? Alt Right? That's who your target customers are? Me and my wallet will be shopping elsewhere.
hmm Pepe on a Zara skirt. wtf?
Zara have put Pepe the frog on a denim skirt hahahahahaha
Just googled "Zara Pepe the Frog skirt", because this website and 2017 are bad
Zara receiving huge backlash over a skirt featuring Pepe the frog hahahaha I don't know whether to laugh or cry

Within days, Zara removed the skirt from their online store:

"I'm really proud that my dumb lil tweets about the bad Pepe skirt got the product pulled from Zara," Meagan wrote, "it has no place in our closets/world."

Update: Zara responded in an emailed statement to

"The skirt is part of the limited Oil-On-Denim collection which was created through collaborations with artists and is only available in selected markets. The designer of the skirt is Mario de Santiago, known online as Yimeisgreat. Mario explores social interactions through his work and in his own words 'The idea came from a wall painting I drew with friends some years ago.' There is absolutely no link to the suggested theme."

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