Kim Kardashian in hot water over calling the flu an 'amazing diet'

Kim Kardashian is known for sharing her post-baby weight loss journey on social media, often posting workout videos with her trainer on Snapchat -- and even a photo of herself on a scale. No problems here, right?

Well, this time around, many people are less than pleased with what the reality star is "touting" as an "amazing diet." The mom of two took to Twitter Wednesday to boast that she's lost six pounds after having the flu -- just "in time" for the Met Gala on May 1.

Kardashian appended a "lol" to her statement -- but many Twitter users still didn't find it funny. In fact, they called her out for "glamorizing sickness" and misusing her massive platform.

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On the other hand, some fans took her tweet as a joke -- seemingly as she intended it -- also pointing out that she's not the first to make one like it.

With that being said, to the aforementioned Twitter user's point, not all of Kim K.'s fans are old enough to take her "advice" in jest and disregard it. Well, let's all agree right here and now that the flu is no joke -- and it's certainly not the key to a healthy body. We suspect Kim agrees, too.

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