Teenager hasn't cut her nails in three years

Some girls panic when they chip their nails. But imagine how Simone Taylor manages.

16-year-old Taylor, from Nuremberg, Germany, hasn't cut her nails in over three years. Her fingernails are over 6 inches long-- and she's making headlines for her incredible talons.

See the wild photos:

"It wasn't my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me," she explained to The Daily Mail.

According to The Daily Mail, the teen spends hours every week on nail care, filing and painting. Even the simplest tasks can take Taylor hours.

"I also have to be careful getting dressed. Even if my nails don't break, it hurts a lot when they get caught on clothing so I take things really slow. Buttoning up a shirt can take ages," she said to the publication.

While showering is quite tedious for Taylor, even holding a pen is painful. She explained that even her "schooling" has taken a toll as a result of her nail care.

The teen explained to The Daily Mail , "I have exams at the moment and it's hard to write, after one hour of writing my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles."

Her Instagram details all her beauty techniques and nail tutorials -- but we can't imagine what her feet look like!

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