Fur coat worn by Titanic survivor when the ship sank is up for sale 105 years later

By: Djenane Beaulieu, Buzz60

A fur coat worn by a Titanic survivor as the ship sank has been found 105 years later and is now being sold for $80,000! This beaver lamb fur coat has seen it all. It's a piece of ancient history.

It belonged to a woman named Mabel Bennett who was a stewardess on the ship. When the Titanic was sinking, she grabbed the coat right before hopping into a lifeboat.

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This comfy coat kept her warm as she sat and waited four hours for the rescue ship, while watching the Titanic sink.

A photo was taken two weeks after the incident, when she, along with other survivors, waited for another ship to go back to her home in England. Bennett was 33 years old at the time.

She kept the coat for 50 more years until she eventually gave it to her niece when the jacket became too bulky for her to wear.

The auctioneers claim this is the only piece of clothing worn by a crew member that exists today.

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