Ivanka Trump suspected of wearing colored contacts


President's Trump daughter, Ivanka, is a much-talked-about figure given her new position in the White House. Prior to last year's presidential election, Nell Scovell revealed an interesting trait about Ivanka -- and now it's being resurfaced.

Apparently, some have observed that Ivanka's eyes change color. Scovell noted that in May 2016, her eyes appeared to be brown in a CBS interview; in an August FOX News interview, they appeared hazel or green.

Take a closer look at the differences:

The same occurred in the Republican National Convention soundcheck and her actual speech. Her eyes were brown for the former, but hazel/green for the latter. It seems, then, that for important appearances Trump uses colored contacts.

Refinery29 reports that the alleged contacts made an appearance again recently. In her interview with Gayle King early April, her eyes appear green. For other meetings, she goes with her natural brown. Given how recently Trump wore the contacts, it seems to be a strategy she will continue to use.

See Ivanka's style transformation through the years: