Hound-ini: Meet the canine escape artist who masterfully broke out of a kennel

Hound-ini: Meet the canine escape artist who masterfully broke out of a kennel

The incredible determination of the dog who escaped from a Virginia animal hospital was caught on camera Monday.

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The master escape artist, a Great Pyrenees named General, actually unlocked the pen at the kennel where he was boarded.

General then walked down a narrow hallway and came to a series of doors at Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital. He then took his mouth to a door handle and got it open, slipping through to enter another hallway.

As the curious dog roamed around, he encountered another door but it was no match for the animal as he got that one open as well.

General walked around the hospital before coming to a fourth and final door that he managed to get open. It led him outside, where he walked around the parking lot.

Another surveillance camera at the animal hospital captured General as he wandered off into the night and vanished.

General's owners, the Campbell family, had left him at the facility because they were on vacation. They got a phone call informing them that General was gone.

The children told Inside Edition that they were worried about their dog and they posted an urgent message on Facebook.

They wrote: "Lost: loved family pet. Our 10-year-old Great Pyrenees General escaped. We can't bear the thought of losing him!!!"

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On Monday night, the curious dog was found safe and sound, resting in a neighbor's yard. General is back with the Campbell family.

"We knew he could get out of the door," one of the Campbell children said. "We didn't know he would be able to get out of those locks."

The family believes the dog escaped the animal hospital looking for them.

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