Beauty blogger goes viral after her honest response to fan

In the past few years, beauty bloggers have taken the internet by storm. Many amass millions of followers -- and millions of views on their articles and videos. Some have made a career out of blogging, and thus a career out of looking their best all the time.

Paige Matthews, a fan of YouTuber Gina Shkeda, felt low about herself after viewing a stunning photo of Shkeda on Instagram. She shared her feelings on Twitter:

"If I could wake up as beautiful as Gina Shkeda I'd be the happiest girl alive #naturalbeauty," Matthews wrote.

Shkeda was quick to set Matthews straight on whether her beauty is "natural":

"Girl I have micro bladed brows, lash extensions in and lip injections," she said, "I don't even look like this ... you're flawless."

Shkeda didn't shy away from the expensive procedures she underwent to "wake up like this." Her honestly received praise on social media:

Not only that, but the response heavily circulated the site: over 30,000 retweets and 60,000 likes.

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