Here's the not-so-secret hotline that airlines don't want you to know about

By: Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

If your flight is delayed last minute, the on-flight snacks run out or your the victim of a sneezy neighbor in seat 14A, you're not alone.

The author of a recent performance study of the largest American airlines showed that as long as passengers get to their destination on time, they don't care about the rest all that much.

In fact, the study points to an overall improvement in airline quality.

However, rather than this proving that Americans are happier with airlines, it may suggest passengers are complaining to the wrong person or persons.

If your luggage was lost, you get angry and tweet profusely in a fit of rage.

While that tweeting may be helping your blood pressure, it won't really cause change.

NPR reports that airlines have to report their numbers such as on time arrivals and involuntary denied boarding to the Department of Transportation.

However, they only have to report complaints to the DOT that were made to the DOT.

There's a hotline as well as a webform on

Scoring high on the 2017 airline naughty and nice list are Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Blue, Virgin America and Delta. Alaska Airlines comes in at number 1.

United, with all their leggings and overbooking issues, is lower on the list at number 8.

Spirit and Frontier came in last at 11 and 12.