Olivia Palermo tells The EDIT her secret to great style

Olivia Palermo is an American style icon whose sense for fashion is nearly unparalleled. She recently spoke with The EDIT, Net-a-Porter's weekly digital magazine, about style, reality TV and "the noise."

Looking impossibly chic as always, the fashionista posed in Prada, Gucci and more sumptuous brands, the ensembles created exactly as she says she swears by -- with a mixture of styles. Because that's (one of) Olivia's secrets to fashion:

"It's about mixing and matching. My aunt has always said, 'If it's great, it's great – and it doesn't matter how much it costs.' Fashion is for every woman."

And style is incredibly individual, too. "You can see if she's into it: her eyes light up when she talks about it," Olivia said, "I love seeing a woman looking amazing walking down the street in New York, when you can see her confidence. I just think: 'You go, girl!'"

When asked about being known as a reality TV star, even after all these years post-The Hills, Olivia is fine with it. "It doesn't bother me. ... It was an interesting time. There is always an agenda [on these shows], whether you are on board with it or not."

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