Do you live in one of the most-stressed states in the country?


Stress affects everyone, but it turns out that people in some parts of the country tend to deal with more stress on average than others.

So WalletHub ran a study to determine which states have the highest and lowest levels of stress.

Analysts compared data from the 50 states and Washington, D.C., and Alabama was found to be the most-stressed state in the U.S., followed by Louisiana and Mississippi.

A total of eight southern states made the top 10 for most-stressed, along with New Mexico and Nevada.

The least stressed state was Minnesota, followed by North Dakota and Iowa, while New York and California ended up in the middle.

The states were ranked on stress tied to work, money and family, as well as health- and safety-related stress.

Factors included everything from average hours worked per week to personal bankruptcy rates to share of adults getting adequate sleep.

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