Pregnant woman's Facebook post about being itchy may have saved her baby's life

Though it may seem like some of your friends are sharing a little too much information on Facebook, it may actually save a life some day.

Christina DePino, 28, complained on social media about being constantly itchy when she was about 35 weeks pregnant.

"I started with having a lot of itching on my arms and legs and it got gradually worse over a period of several weeks," DePino told "It would get worse at night when I was trying to sleep. A lot of times I would be woken up in the middle of the night from a dead sleep and couldn't get back to sleep because I was itching so bad."

Her sister-in-law, who is a nurse, noticed the post and told DePino to see if her symptoms matched up with a condition called cholestasis of pregnancy.

When bile builds up in the liver, it manifests through extreme itchiness in the hands and feet.

Though it does not cause birth defects, DePino said it can cause the baby to be born premature or die in the womb.

As soon as she told a doctor she thought she was experiencing symptoms of the condition, they asked her to come to the hospital for testing. Tests showed she did have cholestasis.

Doctors confirmed that the baby was healthy, but scheduled her to deliver a few weeks earlier than usual just to be safe.

DePino told that the whole situation was a whirlwind.

Her baby, Lexa Rae, was born March 28. She had a bit of jaundice, but it subsided after a day.

"She is healthy and strong, and we are happy she is here with us," DePino said.

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