Gordon Ramsay just tore apart everyone who thinks pineapple on pizza is good

The great debate is over, people.

The internet has been feuding for what feels like eons about whether pineapple is a worthy pizza topping. On Tuesday, chef Gordon Ramsay, whose brand is built on being insolent and controversial, laid the dispute to rest.

Ramsay's followers had polarizing reactions to his objectively-stated take. Even DiGiorno Pizza's official Twitter handle weighed in — several times, in fact —seemingly disturbed by Ramsay's positioning (could it be because it has a Hawaiian-style pizza product?).

Some were, um, really heated:

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Others were thankful to have an expert on their side:

Ramsay has been known to burn strangers' cooking on Twitter with his scorching commentary, so it's no wonder he gave pizza and pineapple a thumbs down. His audience seems to eat up his insults, however, despite whether they agree with him on other gastronomy matters.

Knowing that "hateful" describes Ramsay's entire Twitter personality, his opinion on pineapple pizza should be taken with a grain of salt. So long as Ramsay's into salt ...