Baby makes incredible move and dad caught it all on camera

Watch out, world. This baby is soon to be the next viral superstar.

Little Kaden Siri loves to be woken up by his dad, Kent, from Boston.

It's because he's finally free, released from his swaddle! Kent noticed that every time he unwrapped Kaden's blanket, Kaden instantaneously "popped" his hands up over his head.

"Kaden has a strong startle reflex, aslo known as the Moro Reflex, which causes him to jolt a lot at night and wake himself up. Swaddling makes him feel safe and secure and helps him sleep. His arms pop up like that because he's stoked to start the day," Kent said to Buzzfeed.

So, Dad decided to have a little fun.

"Every single time we unswaddled him from a night's sleep or a nap, his arms would pop up as if spring-loaded. It was automatic. So I started to capture it on my iPhone. I did the Braveheart 'Freedom' clip as just a little joke and our friends & family loved it,"

"So I started to do them every morning to different songs and movie clips," he continued.

Kent decided to start filming more of Kaden's reactions and timing them to popular songs. Beyonce, Miley and DJ Khaled music are just some of his favorites. Check out the hilarious compilation Kent posted to Youtube.

According to Buzzfeed, Kent also shared Kaden's reactions to Facebook, where it has gotten a couple million views. You can follow their adventures on their new Instagram.

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