Woman says her bikini selfies saved her life

21-year-old Cleo Jordan was unnerved by a mole "ruining" her bikini selfies. According to The Sun, she went to doctors three months ago to get it removed -- and was diagnosed with melanoma.

"I had no idea my mole had turned cancerous, I'd had it all my life," she told The Sun. Jordan enjoyed tanning while on vacations and occasionally used tanning beds. The mole started to change shape several months ago, but she didn't pay attention to it.

Check out photos of Jordan's mole and scar

Woman's bikini selfies 'saved her life'
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Woman's bikini selfies 'saved her life'
Looking back at old pictures of my body. So distraught at what cancer has done to me. If I could turn back the clocks I would. This horrible disease has ruined my body and will be forever leaving a scar to remind me how important it is to look after yourself. I can't stress enough how much you need to look after your body guys! #cancer #sunbeds #skincancer #beatcancer #sun #tanning
I wasnt going to post anything on social media but seeing my scars today has really brought it home. I was diagnosed with skin cancer a few months ago and have undergone an operation to try and remove it, Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise. At least 100,000 new cases are now diagnosed each year, and the disease kills over 2,500 people each year in the UK - that's seven people every day. I have never really been someone to frequently use sunbeds and expose myself to sun however I am guilty of doing it every now and again. Seriously guys jumping on the bed for that quick 10 minute holiday is really not worth it. Look after your skin! #skincancer #cancer #cancersucks #protection #skin #sun #sunbed #beatcancer #pale #tanning #tan
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Throw back to my 21st 🎉

Jordan, though, had hated her mole and wanted to get it removed. "Every time I wore a bikini or nice underwear and took a selfie, I felt it was getting in the way," she told The Sun.

"I only went to the doctors at the start of January as I didn't like the look of it, I had no idea it could have killed me," she continued.

Doctors removed the cancerous mole from Jordan's stomach. "The scar in the middle of my tummy is actually quite big as surgeons said the mole was deep into my skin as I'd had it for so many years," she said.

Now, Jordan is urging others to take care of their skin and notice if something changes. She said she'd rather use a fake or spray tan than ever lie in the sun again. She's glad, though, that she may help others with her story. She told The Sun, "I knew that if by sharing my experiences and it stopped one person going on sunbeds it would be worthwhile."

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