Brand you need to know: CYCLAS by designer Keiko Onose

You do yourself a favor when you constantly keep your eyes peeled for collections you might not yet know -- and CYCLAS is one of those brands.

Minimalism in fashion isn't going anywhere anytime soon and coming across the CYCLAS brand was, for us, like being kids in a candy store. It's one of those unforgettable collections you'll be obsessed with.

A contemporary luxury women's ready-to-wear collection, the designs exude relaxed, minimal modern style inspired by the Tokyo woman. We had a chance to chat with designer Keiko Onose about her style aesthetic and what inspires her. See below for more.


How has the Tokyo woman's role evolved in the recent years?

These days, work-life balance really important in Tokyo too. There are a lot of Tokyo women entrepreneurs who have made their business successful in various industries such as beauty, entertainment, hotel, education, publishing, business consulting, as well as fashion. They have talent and experience at the executive level and some have taken on their business internationally.

For me, I meticulously focus on my business during the week. During the weekend, I enjoy time with family and friends. I also take time to decompress like working out with a personal trainer, going to the hair/nail salon, spa treatments and such.

What are these women looking for in terms of business attire?

These women are looking for separates that express themselves naturally, but don't overpower them. In other words, they're looking for minimal, sophisticated and elevated ready-to-wear that exude elegance which can be recognized at a glance which is made with finest fabrics and well made.

What is trending, in terms of fashion, in Japan?

Tokyo women are very fashionable, but don't necessarily care about the latest trend. They are intelligent, sophisticated and shop the investment, pieces to be really worn. That's the new trending. They are quite smart. These consumers purchase based on the details like material, color, sense of ease, etc. They look for something truly modern and comfortable where they can wear it all day and dress it up/down for any occasion.

Who is CYCLAS designed for? Who is your customer?

CYCLAS is designed for the multi-faceted modern women. Tokyo women are sensitive to quality and to what makes her look effortless and chic.

What sets CYCLAS apart from other Japanese designer labels? How is the brand different from other brands?

CYCLAS is luxury, functional ready-to-wear that is elegant and modern. There are subtle details in each piece, which the sophisticated eye will always be able to catch.

How has your retail background influenced your creative process?

Thanks to my retail background of 20 years, I dare say I have deep insight into the luxury market and its beauty. I know what the customer really wants to buy.

Where is your collection sold in the US?

CYCLAS is sold at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and Blake in Chicago. CYCLAS is also sold at The SECRETCLOSET.