Data reveals average wedding gift amount


Peak wedding season is looming, and if you've sent a handful of "yes" RSVPs, you're likely starting to panic about how much money you're going to be dishing out for gifts. If you're wondering what the perfect or most common amount is, the answer isn't as cut and dry as you'd probably like it to be.

According to Tendr's "Wedding Season Gifting Report," not only does the average cash gift amount vary by location, it also varies by time of year. For instance, average gift amount peaks in August and tapers off until it spikes again in February. Perhaps the dip is due to a post-peak wedding season fatigue. As for who appear to be the "most generous" folks, Vermonters take the title, giving an average amount of $245. Yowza!

Don't fret, though, the national average is a bit more doable -- landing at $160.

Take a closer look at the findings below:

The good news is this: there's no wedding gift police. Give what you genuinely can in the most tasteful way possible -- because at the end of the day, it is the thought that counts.

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