Hangry and 300 other words have been added to the dictionary


By: Angeli Kakade

According to the Economists Intelligence Unit, America ranks 17th in education out of 40 counties. Perhaps it's because when it comes to vocab, we aren't too picky.

Three hundred new words that have clear definitions have officially been added to dictionary.com

One of them is the word 'hangry', which refers to a state of being where you are so hungry that you get angry.

'Dad bod' is another term that basically describes Leonardo DiCaprio on the beach, but may also include George Clooney who is having twins soon. Other words include friendiversary, alt-right, mic drop, slay and sext.

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Dictionary.com told CNN that deciding what words to include is actually serious business. The process starts with finding patterns online within news, blogs and social media.

The site can also see what words users are typing in that don't have an attached definition.

However, it doesn't look like the word 'smackdown' is to blame for the downfall of American education. Even your grandma used slang that her grandma didn't understand.

It's really just the way we speak that defines correct English. One Dictionary.com worker told CNN, "I do not define how the language is used, the speakers do."