8 ways to style black leggings

Black leggings are like God's gift to the lazy girl's wardrobe. Or the comfy girl, athletic girl, hot mess girl (*raises hand*), or the girl who wants to be stylish AND comfy at the same time – imagine that! But more often than not, we probably find ourselves throwing clothes on the floor in a scene of I HAVE NOTHING TO WEARRRR!!! and deciding on leggings + a tee to call it a day. No fun! So I figured it's be super helpful to basically all girls everywhere to throw together a post on what to wear with leggings, so eliminate the struggle once and for all. (Bless up).

We're talkin' what to wear with leggings, with 7 ways to style black leggings so you've got a week's worth of outfit ideas to choose from. There are basically a billion different iterations for legging styling, so if this is something that ya find helpful and/or wanna see move of for different seasons, let a sistah know in the comments below!

How to wear black leggings
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How to wear black leggings

1) With combat boots

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2) With a print mixed scarf

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3) With a loose silk top 

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4) With a vest

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5) With rain gear

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6) With a bomber jacket

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7) With tall boots

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7) With a printed t-shirt

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General tips for WHAT to wear with leggings:

  • Layers! Layer upon layer upon layer always works with leggings.
  • Accessorize like a champ.
  • Focus on dressing 'em up a bit if you're going for a more put-together look.
  • A balanced color palette.
  • Flowier, looser, more oversized things on top to keep everything balanced. Skintight all over isn't a good look!
  • Top-to-bottom, head-to-toe balance. Meaning, a dressier top? Opt for dressing flats to balance! A sweatshirt on top? Go for the tennis shoes!
  • NO HEELS. Unless you're wearing a long tunic that completely covers yo' booty, nix the heels-with-leggings look. It gets tacky v quickly.

To keep this as organized-ish as possible, I'm breaking it down into 7 looks for 7 days – lots of the concepts are mix-and-matchable, so you can dive into the depths of yo' closet and get to #werk with the leggings you've got!

General tips for HOW to best rock leggings:

  • Make sure the butt isn't see through. An opaque, thicker material is best to ensure you don't basically moon all the peeps. My favorite leggings are actually lined with fleece inside, so they're suuuuper comfy and hella warm for winter!
  • Cover butt if need be. If you don't think leggings are suitable pants or feel uncomfortable with it being a snugger fit on yo' behind, no problemo – just make sure your top comes down long enough to account for it.
  • Get full length leggings that go to your ankles instead of a cropped cut. Cropped can work with athleisure if you're pairing with sweats and/or sneakers for a casual look, and it works if the bottom is covered up with boot socks, etc, but otherwise, definitely a no no with flats!
  • Make SURE you've got the right underwear for no panty lines...ain't nobody got time for that.
  • Don't wear all tight all over! Really stick to the balancing act where everything else is more oversized to counter the snugger pants. It's an all-around more flattering look, AND it's more comfortable!

On Footwear:

  • Sneakers for a casual, athleisure look
  • For Fall: Riding boots, booties (wear ankle-length leggings that tuck!), get boot socks!
  • For Winter: Winter boots – layer with thicker boot socks
  • For Spring: Flats – just make sure leggings are full length and not cropped!, tennis shoes or casual sneakers
  • For Summer: Ain't nobody got time for leggings. Whip out the shorts + sundresses, girlfriend!

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