These are the 5 best and the 5 worst vegetables for you


All kids grew up with their parents nagging them to "eat more vegetables". It's basically a universal phrase at this point, a rule that transcends all barriers. Plus, it almost always elicits the same response: A stubborn eye roll and refusal to even touch a plate of brussels sprouts.

Trust us, we were pros at skipping the veggies, even if it meant no dessert.

Scroll through below to see the best and worst vegetables for you:

Some nutritionists may disagree with that ubiquitous phrase, even though it's still spoken today. In fact, it has been found that some vegetables may yield greater benefits than others, while other veggies are actually really bad for us. For example, one vegetable has the same sugary response as a can of Coke. But another vegetable is the secret cure for hangovers.

Which vegetables made the cut? Which should we be eating more of and which veggies should we be skipping? Scroll through above to find out.

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