Man goes viral for his insane edible replications of our favorite movies

Sometimes, movies become known for their witty lines, flawless acting or breakthrough soundtrack. But once in a while, a film may become known for its jaw-dropping menu. Our favorites include Chef and (embarrassingly) Elf -- did they not have the most appetizing-looking foods?

Youtuber Andrew Rea, who goes by the account Binging with Babish, has become an Internet sensation for his creative, edible replications of our favorite plates. And he's showing the world how it's done.

Don't lie, did Chef not get your stomach rumbling?

Remember Buddy's favorite pasta from Elf? He perfected it.

Rea looks out for the most popular, show-stealing foodie scenes in our favorite television shows, movies and cartoons. He posts the how-tos on Youtube and Instagram, where he makes these meals look simple AND delicious.

Remember the strudel from Inglorious Bastards?

Or Ross' infamous Thanksgiving sandwich? We can find out if his sandwich was worth all that drama.

All Office fans will die for Kevin's famous chili:

Are you licking the screen yet? You can find more of his delicious videos on his Youtube.

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