Woman's heartbreaking but brave response to being fat shamed goes viral

One woman took to social media to express her reaction to being publicly fat-shamed by passersby. They may be strangers, but the impact they had on Shauna Arocho has resonated with millions of people globally. Her response has since gone viral.

Over the past year, 27-year-old Arocho has been carefully watching her weight. She's lost over 60 pounds while on a strict paleo diet. But when she heard her nearby Dairy Queen was treating their customers to free scoops, she decided to treat herself, rightfully so.

As Arocho sat outside, enjoying her ice cream, she heard a voice from a nearby car. "As I'm sitting out there enjoying my ice cream cone, a car full of men stopped in the middle of a busy road just so they could roll down their window and say, 'eat that ice cream you fat b---," she said in her video.

The harsh words left her shaken and in tears. She got in her car and recorded her reaction to the incident. "You know nothing about my life or my circumstances. What if I had been in such a place that you saying that to me had made me go home and kill myself? I'm not in that place, but I could have been," she explained, tearfully.

In the video, she encourages people to think before they say something. Luckily, Arocho was able to turn those words around into a powerful message.

The video has been viewed more than 11 million times, where she's received incredible support from friends and strangers alike.

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