Millennials consider themselves 'adults' at this age

Being an adult is tough stuff. You got to keep that resume updated, hold a steady job and have living mates that aren't your parents.

Paying your bills will make you realize why your dad was always so adamant about turning off the lights.

No wonder young people are waiting longer and longer to consider themselves adults.

A researcher at CBS/Nielsen took a look at data about millennial trends for advertising purposes.

In the 3 year study they found that millennials don't really consider themselves adults until they're 30 or even 40 years old or when they get married and have kids, which is around the same age anyway due to younger generations delaying family life.

Basically, you're adult enough to do fun stuff like drive, vote and buy alcohol, but getting a 9 to 5 job is too much. However, this isn't a millennial problem.

The researcher told TheWrap this could be because baby boomers (the parents of millennials) coddled their children making it so good for them at home that they don't want to leave the nest.

To which many would respond, what about the economic recession millennials grew up in which makes it nearly impossible to find a job?

People have been using the term millennials for so long now that we don't even realize those 25 year olds we're talking about are now 30. According to the study, they have 10 more years to adulthood.

Until then, blame it the parents who just don't understand.

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