The world's most expensive cities are on one continent

By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

In the list of the world's most expensive cities, it's still Singapore and Hong Kong that top the list.

The economist intelligence unit says that Asia actually holds five of the top 10 spots for the world's most expensive cities.

Asia currently makes up 40% of the global economy. And the international monetary fund predicts they will make up two-thirds of the worldwide growth by 2020.

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1. Vienna, Austria

Original caption: The Wiener Riesenrad, or Riesenrad, is a 64.75-metre (212 ft) tall Ferris wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park in Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district of Austria's capital Vienna. It is one of Vienna's most popular tourist attractions, and symbolises the district as well as the city for many people. Constructed in 1897, it was the world's tallest extant Ferris wheel from 1920 until 1985.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

3. Auckland, New Zealand

Original caption: Auckland Skyline Twilight - Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, under a dramatic twilight sky.

4. Munich, Germany

Original caption: Marienplatz (en: Mary's Square, i.e. St. Mary, Our Lady's Square) is a central square in the city centre of Munich, Germany. It has been the city's main square since 1158.

5. Vancouver, Canada

Original caption: Vancouver with False Creek in foreground and Grouse Mountain and the North Shore Mountains in background.

6. Dusseldorf, Germany

Original caption: View of the Skyline of Dusseldorf and the Rhine River

7. Frankfurt, Germany

8. Geneva, Switzerland

Original caption: Beautiful view of the water jet fountain with rainbow in the lake of Geneva and the cityscape of Geneva at sunset, Switzerland

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

Tie-10. Basel, Switzerland

Original caption: Mittlere Bridge in its current form was built in 1905, but its predecessor was one of the most important crossings of the Rhine. The first bridge was build in 1226 and the city was extended on the other side of the river just for securing the bridge. On the left of the image the St-Martin Church (14th century parish church) overlooks the beautiful waterfront houses. HDR image taken early in the morning with clouds clearing out after a stormy night.

Tie-10. Sydney, Australia

Original caption: Sydney, Australia - September 5, 2013: Beautiful Opera house view at twilight time with vivid sky and illumination on the bridge.


Europe had four cities in the top 10, while the only New York made the list from the United States, coming in 9th.

But while Asia may have some of the most expensive cities, it also has some of the cheapest.

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