States that love (and hate) taking cruises the most revealed

There are undeniable perks of using your vacation days to take a cruise.

Instead of dragging suitcases along cobblestone streets and dodging elbows at choked tourist traps, you can pamper yourself into a fuzzy, blissful state while overlooking uninterrupted stretches of sea.

As it turns out, residents of some states are more likely to spend a week at sea than others. Based on booking data from 2016, all 50 states (and Puerto Rico and D.C.) were ranked by cruises reserved online.

They say getting there is half the fun ... no one knows this better than Floridians. Despite being in spitting distance of the Caribbean, Floridians overwhelmingly booked the most cruises with And Floridians were not just booking cruises out of convenience. It's proximity to the Caribbean makes it the top destination booked last year, but the next most popular destinations were Alaska, the Mediterranean and Europe. Turns out Floridians just can't get enough of the water no matter where they are in the world.

On the other end of the spectrum, North Dakotans booked cruises on least frequently in 2016 -- but it's not just landlocked states who are disinterested in nautical conga lines.

Click below to see how beloved cruising is in your state -- and who to anticipate on your next voyage:

States that book cruises most frequently, ranked
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States that book cruises most frequently, ranked

52.  North Dakota

51.  South Dakota

50.  Vermont

49.  Montana 

48.  Wyoming

47.  Alaska (pictured)

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46.  Hawaii

45.  Washington, D.C.

44.  Maine (pictured) 

43.  Nebraska

42.  Delaware

41.  New Mexico

40.  Indiana

39.  Rhode Island

38.  New Hampshire

37.  Puerto Rico (pictured)

36.  West Virginia

35.  Iowa

34.  Mississippi

33.  Kansas

32.  Arkansas

31.  Oregon (pictured)

30.  Wisconsin

29.  Nevada

28.  Oklahoma

27.  Kentucky

26.  Colorado

25.  Minnesota

24.  Connecticut (pictured)

23.  Louisiana

22.  Alabama

21.  Utah
20.  Arizona

19.  Missouri

18.  South Carolina

17.  Washington

16.  Maryland

15.  Indiana

14.  Tennessee

13.  Massachusetts (pictured)

12.  Michigan

11.  Virginia

10.  Pennsylvania

9.      Ohio

8.      Illinois

7.      New Jersey

6.      North Carolina (pictured)

5.       Georgia

Top destinations booked in 2016

  1. Caribbean
  2. Alaska
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Europe
  5. Hawaii/ Bermuda (tied)

4.       New York

Top destinations booked in 2016 

  1. Caribbean
  2. Bermuda
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Alaska
  5.  Europe

3.       Texas

Top destinations booked in 2016 

  1. Caribbean
  2. Alaska
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Mexico
  5. Europe

2.       California

Top destinations booked in 2016 

  1. Mexico/ Baja
  2. Caribbean
  3. Alaska
  4. Mediterranean
  5. Hawaii

1.       Florida

Top destinations booked in 2016 

  1.  Caribbean
  2. Alaska
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Europe
  5. Central America

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