Kit Kat's new limited edition might smell like gym socks

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

Apparently a new Kit Kat flavor that smells like rotten eggs and sweaty feet may be on its way and people are really excited about it. Really?!

You can thank Thailand for the killer combo.

The country believes that pairing chocolate and durian, a fruit with an aroma that's described as some really smelly gym socks, is going to boost tourism.

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Durian is known as the king of fruits around southeast Asia and it's considered a delicacy. However, with its powerful odor, it's also known as the world's smelliest fruit.

According to RocketNews24, Thailand's Minister of tourism and sports is discussing turning the fruit into the next limited edition Kit Kat.

Turns out Kit Kat's are very popular in Asia. There's a sushi Kit Kat inspired by sushi fillings such as tuna, sea urchin and egg.

That's pretty wild, but rotten eggs and smelly feet? Give me a break!