Babies can now relax at their very own day spa

By Keri Lumm, Buzz60

Many women dream their whole lives of having a day at the spa. Well, some babies are living out that dream in the lap of luxury.

Baby Spa in Perth is the brainchild of Laura Sevenus who opened the first baby spa in Kensington, United Kingdom. I wonder if Prince George and Princess Charlotte have visited.

Now privileged Australian babies have the same opportunity to be as pampered as their British counterparts. Little darlings can enjoy a 45 minute massage for $85 dollars or they can enjoy hydrotherapy with the help of a bubby.

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No worries though, even though the bubby looks like it's choking the baby, it's actually keeping them safe in the water.

Not surprisingly, these babies look to be enjoying their day off from being waited on hand and foot by their tired parents.

The only question is, do the parents get a spa day too?