Foods that double as home cleaners

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

Food isn't just for your stomach -- it's also for cleaning your pots, sneakers and wood.

So next time you have to clean, skip the store and head right to your pantry.

If you're trying to remove gross gunk from your cooking pots, try scrubbing them with some coffee grounds.

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Don't put away the coffee can because you can wrap those grinds in old pantyhose and use them to kill the odors in your shoes.

If you have some vodka laying around, use it to fix gross-smelling clothes. Pour some vodka in a spray bottle -- spritz your smelly clothes with it -- and let it air-dry. It works because the vodka kills odor-causing bacteria!

Does your garbage disposal smell like, well, garbage? Toss down a lemon, lime or orange wedge while it's running. Wash it down with cold water and it'll smell like new.

Speaking of lemons, if you have stubborn stains in your cutting board, try sprinkling it with salt and then rubbing lemon on top to remove them.

Next head to the cupboard and grab some baking soda -- it's perfect for shining old jewelry. Combine it with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Potatoes don't just make amazing food -- they also clean cast-iron skillets. Dump salt in the skillet and scrub it in a circular motion with a cut potato. Then rinse and pat dry.

The hardest part about these cleaning tricks is not getting hungry!