World's luckiest fish survives out of water for nearly 20 minutes

Move over Nemo from 'Finding Nemo.' There's a new star in town!

Nemo the goldfish is either super lucky or has super powers.

First, he narrowly avoided being eaten by a cat in a Sylvester-Tweety situation with fewer feathers and more gills.

Then, he also managed to survive out of water for at least fifteen minutes straight.

Nemo was dragged from a garden pond by a cat and was discovered by some good samaritans who rushed him to a vet in Exeter to attend to his injuries.

At the vet he was given antibiotics and an X-ray. Can you imagine little Nemo in a tiny lead apron?

Luckily, he didn't have any broken bones, but his fins and scales were damaged.

Veterinary nurse Claire Smith said, "We've never had a stray fish before and one that has had a happy ending like this."

The staff plan to keep their little patient for another week and are searching for his new owner online.

Nemo's expected to make a full recovery. That's one fortunate fish!

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