5 tips for working from home (and actually being productive)

For almost the entire year before Augustine was born, I was working from home. I felt like I got into such a good rhythm and routine of being productive and also enjoying the benefits of working from my house. *Cough* living in my slippers. Now, it's just a tad more challenging to get work done with the baby, so I thought I'd revisit some of my best tips for working from home, in the hopes that maybe some will be able to help a mama out.

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My Best Tips for Working from Home

1. Designate your Work Space. This was a big game changer for me. The benefits of working on a laptop are that you're able to work anywhere and everywhere. The bed, the couch, the dining room table, your backyard even! However, once I finished getting my office together I felt like my productivity increased tenfold. I had a designated spot to get my work done. I knew when I was there I could focus and have a few less distractions. I also loved that I could close the door to my office when it was time to transition out of work mode. I know some of you might not be able to have a specific room for work, but if you can find a space, even if it's just a fold up table in your living room, I promise it will help. Knowing that when you're in that spot, you're working will help a lot! Also, have some of your essentials handy so you're not needing to get up all the time. Water, some snacks {these animal crackers are my fave!}, and chapstick are three things I reach for all the time.

2. Dress Up. Ok, I know, I know. The benefit of working from home is that you can be in your pjsp all day long and your boss won't know! But, I promise, if you make a point to dress up, even just a little bit, you'll be much more productive. I'm not saying you need to wear a fitted pencil skirt and heels when you're working from home, but even a comfy jersey wrap dress with a cute pair of flats, and perhaps a little lipstick, will help motivate you. I feel like it's a little way of signaling it's work time. If you look like a girl boss, you'll act like one!

3. Put the phone away. This kind of ties into my latest Wellness Challenge. Phones can be incredibly distracting. When you're working from home there are already enough distractions {deliveries, the dog, the fridge, the TV, you know what I mean}. If you can put your phone away, or even just put it on Do Not Disturb, you'll be able to concentrate more intently on the task at hand.

how to stay focused and motivated while working from home

4. Set a Schedule. The benefit of working from home is that, for the most part, you can make up your own hours. It can be easy to get sucked into putting certain tasks off though and working more, and later, than you typically would in an office. Set a schedule that works for you. Perhaps, that means starting a little later so that you can fit in that morning workout, or taking a break in the middle of the day for various errands, but working later in the evenings. Make a schedule that works for you on a daily or weekly basis. Also, if necessary, fill in your boss and coworkers so that expectations are set.

5. Prioritize In-Person Time. When you work from home it can be easy to become invisible, especially if you have coworkers and a boss that are in an office. Make a point to plan weekly, or bi-monthly meetings to get face time with them. This will be beneficial not only for your working relationship, and possible career advancements, but also it will be good for you! It can be isolating working on your own most days. I personally loved the office and team dynamic so I tried to find a way to recreate that. Also, schedule work happy hours to see your co-workers and catch up off the clock.

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