The internet is going wild over this bakery's creations of our favorite characters


Hillary? Check. Obama and Trump? Check, check. Kim's infamous crying face? Check!

A bakery in NYC is bringing cookies back with their hilariously creative interpretations of our favorite characters. Whether it's political, or fictional (like Rachel and Ross), Cupcake Market has got you covered.

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Each cookie is created by baker and artist Sarah Silverman, who spends 16 hours hand-painting the delicious-looking treats. The East Village bakery opened last year and sold out during election season with its candidate cookies.

The first day the bakery was open, there was a line around the block -- and they sold out completely with these political depictions!

See more of Cupcake Market's creations:

The Cupcake Market's staff includes Dalia, Sarah's mom. The two usually jump on current events, ready to paint whatever is happening in the world in icing.

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