For perfect abs, ditch the sit-ups and do this instead


By: Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

All those sit-ups and crutches while dreaming of the perfect abs might not actually be helping you.

That's according to one celebrity personal trainer known for putting the fierce in Elle McPherson.

The Daily Mail reports that according to Nicola Addison, founder of Eqvvs Training in London, the first step to getting the abs of your dreams is to pack on the weights.

1. Build Muscle
Addison says calories are burned at a faster rate in the muscles, and more calories burned equals a faster metabolism.

2. Try "Compound Workouts"
Next, work out multiple parts of your body during the workout. Don't just focus in one place -- like on the abs or the legs. Nicola calls this method compound workouts.

3. Planks
Oh the dreaded plank -- it does so much. Get yourself into plank position, hold, and repeat while constricting the abdominal muscles. This helps strengthen the muscle wall.

4. Your Diet
Finally, put down the ice cream. No amount of sit-ups will be effective if your healthy lifestyle doesn't translate to the kitchen as well. Ditch the refined sugars and carbs while upping your protein intake.

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