Student receives package at his dorm and it's really not what he thought

Parents have a funny way of embarrassing their kids, even from hundred miles away. Like this mom, who did not notice the vulgar images on the shirt she gifted her daughter. Or this mom, who didn't want her son to be homesick while at college.

We think Connor Cox's mom would probably fall into this group of hilarious parents. When 18-year-old Connor left home for the first time to attend Westminster, his mom Terri would frequently send him care packages. "Gushers, Pringles, chips, and some protein bars. Like any other college boy," he told Today.

When he returned to school from break, he was expecting the usual assortment from his mom. Instead, however, Terri surprised Connor with a box...of trash he forgot to take out when he was home.

Connor posted a picture of the package to social media, where it's received hilarious backlash. The tweet has garnered over 2,000 likes and hundreds of retweets.