Chinese women want to look like Ivanka Trump

By: Susana Victoria Perez

President Donald Trump has said in the past that if Ivanka wasn't his daughter he would probably date her. But it turns out Trump is not the only one obsessed with Ivanka's looks.

Women in China are going to great lengths to look like the first daughter of the United States. According to the Daily Mail, Chinese women are walking into plastic surgeon offices asking for Ivanka's nose, lips and big eyes.

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Since Donald Trump's inauguration, Chinese companies are looking to cash in on the Ivanka trend, attempting to name their businesses after the famous blonde.

One company, Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management, which specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and liposuction, registered their name with the Chinese spelling of Ivanka.

Move over J-lo's derriere because there's a new plastic surgery trend in town!