These are the only vegetables you should buy frozen

In terms of convenience, frozen vegetables are the Amazon Prime of the freezer aisle. In terms of flavor and texture, well, that's a little more of a crap shoot. But we'll say that frozen veggies get shamed far more than they deserve; there are definitely a handful that have earned our respect.

It turns out that frozen vegetables are often more nutritious than fresh because they're picked at peak ripeness when nutrient levels are highest, usually partly cooked, and frozen before they can degrade. When your vegetables are late-season or on the vine/bush/root for a bit too long, the vitamins and nutrients may take a hit. You can go call Great Aunt Ingrid and tell her that no, freezing doesn't kill all the vitamins. And yes, you will be over for a few games of gin rummy Saturday afternoon.

When it comes down to it, we'd say there are three frozen vegetables you should consistently spend your time with. Cauliflower and broccoli can lose their crisp and crunch during the freezing process. Those we'd only use for making a soup or curry, somewhere they'll be mixed with other flavors (ditto on carrots). And frozen lima beans? Not our favorite.

Here are the three frozen veggies that senior food editor Chris Morocco has stamped with the BA seal of approval:

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