Some genius created a map that reveals all the Wi-FI passwords in airports around the world

Traveling just got so much easier thanks to one genius.

Anil Polat is a computer engineer and travel blogger, who has been writing about his worldly adventures for the past 6 years. Interested in how "culture, technology and travel" blend together, Polat travels the world (he's been to 80 countries), sharing his wisdom on how people can travel smarter.

One of his current ongoing projects is titled "WiFox". The app features a detailed map of various airports around the world, revealing their wifi and lounge passwords. The map is updated in realtime. Polat sources information from travelers and pilots -- so you know it's legit.

Polat's app even includes details on hot spot information, which gates offer the strongest signals, how to get around time restrictions and more. It's becoming quite the bible for travelers.

You can read more about Anil's work on his website.

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