How to perfect the 'no-makeup' makeup look

While I'm just speaking from my own experience, I think by the time women are in their twenties, they have more than mastered their go-to night out look. Dark eyes, red lips, cat eyes, pink lips...whatever it may be, we've got the routine down. Am I right?

And maybe it's age – or laziness? – or both, but the look I've really been trying to master lately is wearing makeup, without it actually looking like I'm wearing makeup. Catch my drift? But it's actually tougher than you'd think, or than I thought! What girl doesn't strive for that glowing, dewy faced, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-look-flawless-look? I know I do, and I've been focused on figuring this ish out.

I think I finally got it (Lisel may have helped a bit), so I'll share it with y'all! Here's my guide to the perfect no makeup makeup (p.s. SO easy).

1. First and foremost, always start with a clean canvas. This means actually washing your face and patting it dry with a towel. I love, love, love using Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam. Not only does it smell delish, it makes my skin feel awake, bright and alert – it's basically a skin perk-up.

2. If you usually use foundation, skip it! Don't freak. We're just going to use tinted moisturizer instead. This gives your face a sheer layer of color, while not looking caked on or completely obscuring your skin's natural state. I use this Chanel one, which has the added bonus of SPF – multi-tasking at its finest y'all – and I apply it with a damp beauty blender.

3. Concealer. Only use this where you really need it. If you have a blemish that needs to be covered up or some red areas (for me, that's my nose, allllways). I usually dab three small dots under my eyes and then blend with my beauty blender to get rid of under eye bags. Then another few dabs around my nose. This is my go-to concealer as of late.

4. Cheek stain. I still want a littler color on my cheeks, even if I'm not doing a whole lot. A little bit of color also makes you look awake even if you're half asleep. I use RMS Lip to Cheek in Demure. I use this to give my cheeks a natural rosy looking glow, and also apply it to my lips – again, multi-tasking is key here y'all. The color is beautiful, warm, and understated. Also, this is my first dip into "clean beauty," aka not as many chemicals, and I'd heard great things about this brand, so I purchased this. So far, so good!

The best makeup to wear when you don't feel like wearing any
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The best makeup to wear when you don't feel like wearing any

This revolutionary lip tint gives your lip a subtle pigment to your lips. This product is the most natural way seem like you are wearing lipstick. 


Apply a drop of this oil to your face in the morning. It will instantly moisturize your face before you get into your daily makeup routing.


This SPF CC cream will provide coverage and leave your skin looking fresh and flawless. It is light enough to make it feel like your face is bare. 


This cozy grey shade is anything but dull. Revlon's 'Colorstay' will make your polish last longer so you don't worry about that weekly manicure!


This simple palette will instantly create a warm, fresh and relaxed glow!


Applying this oil-free moisturizer will help free your pores from clogging before you apply your face makeup!


ZOYA's Naturel color polish is the perfect minimalisitc shade for your next manicure.


5. Next, highlighting. I'm finally really on the highlighting train and it's so fun – definitely my favorite step. And it's great for this type of look because it provides a fake glow super quick. There are two products I keep on hand for this – sometimes I use both, sometimes just one, but I love slash need them both so I want to mention! And remember, since we're going for the no make up look, keep your touch light – a little goes a long way. I either use my beauty blender, fingers, or a brush – kinda whatever I'm feeling or what makes most sense with the product. Play around with it.

  • For accentuating my cheek bones and jaw line, I use this W3ll People Bronzer stick. You really want it to be that barely there look, so gentle strokes with a light hand is all you need.
  • Then, I use Glossier Haloscope face highlighter. All the colors are great, but I prefer Topaz, which gives your skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow. I kinda put this over my cheek bones again and then under my eyebrows to lift my eyes.

6. Eyes, but no eyeshadow. A little dab of the Glossier Haloscope on the inner part of your eye is all you need color wise! This is a great way to keep tired eyes bright without showing everyone what your secret is.

7. For mascara, my go-to lately is Benefit They're Real. It doesn't clump, and the wand gives my eyelashes a natural curl without looking too doll-eyed.

8. Finally, I end with my eyebrows. To give them a natural, fuller look – which I still want, even if I'm not doing a bunch of makeup – I use Glossier Boy Brow in Clear. Have y'all used this stuff yet? I was seeing it everywhere so I had to try it. Even though it doesn't have a tint (and you can get this product tinted, I just prefer it to not be for this specific look), it keeps your eye brows shaped and full looking all day. Also, it's a little "wet" at first, but it dries really nicely – just an FYI for the first couple uses. It's definitely a product that I've liked more as I use it more, ya know?

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