How to celebrate St. Patrick's Day more authentically

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

This St. Patrick's Day don't just do what everyone else always does, but celebrate the authentically Irish way!

You'd be surprised with all the things you won't have to do.

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For example, refrain from pinching people who aren't wearing green. According to The Christian Science Monitor, that's a tradition that Americans invented and it's probably just to make some more money off of you.

Although green beer for St. Patrick's Day is common in America, Time reports the Irish traditionally don't include it in their celebrations. Instead sip on a tall glass of Guinness or a nice Irish whiskey.

Likewise, the cocktail known as an Irish car bomb is not Irish at all. It's actually pretty offensive.

Also, forget the green hat. According to the Mirror, early leprechauns actually wore red pointy hats, not green ones.

Ancient Irish people also believed leprechauns would come to terrorize communities and kidnap kids, so perhaps it's not the best idea to dress up like one.

If you've had one pint too many, order some curry fries and add the popular Irish "brown sauce," a condiment made with malt vinegar.

Whatever way you celebrate, it's bound to be a good time!