The ultimate Ikea hack: Bemz creates custom slipcovers for Ikea furniture

Ikea is known for its crazy affordable furniture and decor—but its pieces aren't always exactly high design. (With the exception of these latestcollections, of course.) Is it functional? Definitely. Comfortable? Usually. Insanely complex to put together? Yes, yes, yes. But most of Ikea's pieces require some simple DIY work to upgrade its design quotient from "first apartment" to "magazine spread"—and, guess what, there's an entire company dedicated solely to that.

Enter Bemz, a Swedish company that is basically one giant Ikea hack: They create completely custom slipcovers for Ikea sofas, armchairs, chairs, headboards, bed frames, and more (even discontinued models) "to reflect your own personal style." In other words, no longer are you limited to the range of primary color slipcovers that Ikea has to offer—instead, you can select from more than 250 fabrics to find the perfect fit for your design aesthetic. Every cover is made-to-order (which cuts back on waste) and machine washable (which cuts back on stains), and takes about four weeks to create.

Check them out here -- and prepare to fall in love:

If you're having difficulty imagining how a slipcover in general could ever be chic, trust: Bemz's fabrics and cover styles are guaranteed to make your Ikea piece look both high-end and high-design. Bemz has partnered with several designers, including Christian Lacroix and Romo, to create fabric designs for them, and offers covers in a variety of modern shapes and styles to totally transform the look of the furniture. In other words, no one will be able to spot that ubiquitous Ektorp sofa—and instead will be begging to know what expensive store your couch is from. Take a look for yourself...

The best news of all is that giving your Ikea furniture a Bemz upgrade is still relatively affordable. For example, sofa slipcovers start as low as $119 for cotton fabrics—meaning your all-in purchase (the sofa and the custom slipcover) will still most likely come out to be cheaper than its higher-end counterparts. In other words, Ikea plus Bemz equals the furniture dream team.

Let's give Ikea some design credit, though. Their new, colorful 2017 collection has been turning heads:

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